Frequently Asked Questions

I am a photographer who makes images of weddings for couples who love photography, but don’t particularly like wedding photography! Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below. Anything else, feel free to get in touch!

Are you insured?

Yes. I have both full public liability & professional indemnity insurance.

Are you a full time photographer?
Yes. I make my living from documenting people at weddings and my landscape photography business:
How will you photograph my wedding?

To understand more about my style, read the About page and have a look at my photographs. In a nutshell, I photograph what I see: your friends and family being themselves

How long will you be with us?

All day! usually around 13-14 hours

How long before we get our photographs, and how many?

Usually in 2 to 4 weeks. At exceptionally busy times this might extend to 5 weeks. Coffee table books can take up to 6 weeks from the date of order. Typically, you will receive 400-600 individually processed images.

Do you do group/couple shots?

If you want these, I can do a handful of small group shots, and some of just the 2 of you. I do these quickly (20 minutes maximum) and efficiently. Even with these images, there is no posing involved!

Will the photographs be in colour or black & white?

There will be a good mixture of both, depending on the lighting conditions on the day, and what treatment suits an individual image. If you have a preference for one or the other, let me know in our initial discussions.

You’re based in west Wales. Do you travel?

Yes. I travel all over the UK to document weddings. My price includes mainland UK travel at no additional cost.

Do you work alone?

I do. shooting as part of a team does not lend itself to documentary/reportage/photojournalism. I need to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending in to the background, not make you and your guests feel that you are surrounded by the paparazzi!

What if you’re ill or you equipment breaks down?

I have never missed a wedding commitment. Basically, I’d have to be on a life support machine for this to happen! However, in that eventuality, I have a small network of photographers who have a similar approach, one of whom would cover for me. Similarly, I have yet to have equipment fail on me. I use professional Nikon bodies (D750s for the photographers amongst you!) and lenses. I carry 3 D750s with me all day, each one fitted with a fixed focal length lens (24mm, 35mm & 85mm if you’re interested!). In the highly unlikely event that one combination fails, I have the other 2 to fall back on. Each camera carries 2 memory cards, and the photographs are recorded to both cards, guarding against memory card failure.

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