I am a photographer who makes images of weddings for couples who love photography, but don’t particularly like wedding photography!


As someone who is planning your wedding, I am sure that you have looked at lots of wedding photographer’s websites, including this one. It must be fashionable right now for wedding photographers to describe themselves, just as I do, as reportage/documentary/candid/photojournalist photographers because so many of them do.

However, when I look through their portfolios I find, with a very few exceptions, that a very high proportion of the images that they choose to show have clearly been posed and directed by the photographer.

Have a look at my photographs. I pose or direct nothing. I regard myself as a visual storyteller who documents your day, with your friends and family just being themselves. I actively seek out the quirky, comical even absurd moments that you always get with people just being who they are. If a couple wants it, I will take pictures of small groups and/or the couple. I do this quickly (maximum 20 minutes in total). Even this is done with the minimum of fuss and completely informally. You can then get back to where you want to be: with your friends & family, and I can get back to where I want to be: photographing them laughing & crying!

To my mind, genuine moments are so much more valuable than created ones. Therefore, I don’t make things happen, but simply photograph what does happen. This is genuine documentary photography, and I absolutely love doing it!


I live in beautiful west Wales with my wife, 2 dogs, 2 cats & 10 chickens. Between us, Debbie & I have 6 children. I’m told by my clients that I’m relaxed and easy to get along with, which makes things so much easier at what can be a stressful time for couples planning their big day.

I have taken photographs for more than 30 years, initially to record the near record-breaking barbel I was catching from the river Great Ouse in Bedfordshire, at the time! For 26 years I was a secondary school teacher & headteacher before professional photography took over.

I loved being a teacher but, in the end, I couldn’t be doing with all of the politics that sucked the joy out of the profession. I’ve been very lucky to have been able to have a second very successful career, again doing something that I am genuinely passionate about.

As well as wedding photography, I also have a thriving landscape photography business details of which can be found here: andrewwarrenphotography.com

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